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This website discusses Normalization, Relational Database Design, the Structured Query Language and Oracle Technology.

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Advanced Tuning
Abstract Data Types Oracle Segment Internals Pctfree Optimal Performance Monitoring tuning indexes
Advanced SQL
Characteristics of SQL Group By Clause Sub-Select Statements Sub-Select Equals Clause
SQL Views Create Subselect using IN   
Backup Options
Read Only Tablespace Backups Database Backup Concepts Complete Recovery Operation Identifying Instance Failure Implications
Basic SQL
DB Normalization - Exercise Relational DB Analogy Relational vs. Flatfile Customer Table Example
SQL Approaches - Quiz SQL-92   
DB Admin Features
Oracle Security Features Large Database Features Intro Tablespace Management  
DB Creation
Oracle Describe Command Oracle Spool Command Oracle Exit Command desc oracle command
Start Server Manager Locating Oracle Home Server Manager Executable Server Manager HELP Command
Server Manager - Quiz Oracle Initialization File Oracle Redo Log - Quiz Locating Executable Server Manager
Extended DB Features
Creating Oracle Cluster Oracle Table Partitioning Oracle Partitioned Tables Oracle Hash Cluster
Pros/Cons of index-organized Tables    
Managing DB Objects
Oracle Segment Role Alter extent size table Tablespace Fragmentation - Quiz Operating system blocks
Oracle Extents Free Diction - Quiz Oracle Storage Concepts Describing Columns View
Coalesce Tablespace Oracle Tablespace Default Storage Fragmented TableSpace Oracle Extents Data Dictionary
Oracle Dictionary Extents Storage Management Concepts Oracle free space Auction House Database
Oracle Space Management Oracle Block Size Data Dictionary Views Schema Manager Table
Altering/Dropping Tables - Quiz    
Managing Users
Database Administrator Privileges Creating Password File Stop Restart Listener  
Network Config
Configuring Oracle Dispatchers Mts Configuration Conclusion   
Backup Recovery
Implement Faststart Parallel Rollback Oracle Recovery Catalog   
Database Backup
Import Recover Database Objects Running Oracle Export   
Network Admin
Network Administration - Quiz Distributed Database Tools - Quiz   
Network Topology
Location Independence Transparent Network Substrate Distributed Databases Searching Oracle Topology
Hardware Independence Join Tables from remote sites Replication Independence Replication Independence
SQL Extensions
CONCAT, SUBSTR, LENGTH, INSTR Oracle character string functions Upper, initcap, rtrim, soundex Functions Union Intersect Minus
SQL Tuning
Heuristics Based Optimizer Oracle Explain Plan Utility SQL Tuning - Quiz Decode ANSI Standard SQL
Oracle built-in functions for SQL Oracle Query Override Null versus Missing Value SQL Tuning Utilities
DECODE with GROUPING/ROLLUP Oracle Ranking Scheme   
Nested Tables and Varrays Using Oracle Objects Dangling Reference Oracle Trigger  
Performance Tuning
Cost Based Optimizer Dbms Stats Package   
Stored Objects
Stored Function Advantages PL/SQL Blocks Conclusion   
PL/SQL Programming
dbms_out.put_line in sql Petstore schema pl sql dbms_output Building Queries with PL/SQL
non pl/sql variables bind and host (PGA) Program Global Area Pet Store DataModel Adding PL/SQL Comments
PL/SQL Block Conclusion Oracle Naming Conventions Binary Operators in PL/SQL Implicit Data Type
Database Analysis
Define Primary Key Concatenated Keys DB Normalization First Normal Form - Exercise
DB Table Characteristics Database Design Diagram Second Normal Form - Exercise Normalization Process - Quiz
Referential Integrity Defining Foreign Keys Functional Dependencies - Exercise Database Normalization - Quiz
Relational Theory Notation Achieving 2nd Normal Form Limitations of 1st Normal Form All-key relations
Purpose of Normalization Relational Notation/Table Characteristics - Quiz DB Primary Key - Quiz 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Normal Forms
Database Design
Design Stages in DBLC ERD Modeling CaseStudy Three Schema Architecture 2 Different Design Strategies
Database Design - Quiz Database Design Strategy RDBMS Functions Relational DB Design
Relational DB Design - Quiz Post Database Design Stages Top Down Design Relational Database Course Project
ERD - Exercise Bottom-Up Design   
Tuning Instance
Viewing Library Cache Statistics Pin Packages Shared Pool   

Six-Step Relational Database Design: An Approach to Relational Database Design and Development

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